So this whole idea of “internet plays” is evolving in ways that bear explanation. The posts I have written in dramatic rather than narrative form, such as “Internet Dating: A Play,” and older posts like “A Woman and Her Doctor,” are intended to serve the same function as a “creative non-fiction” blog post. My hope is that, just as in the course of the day, people click on various links to read items that they believe will represent their interests, entertain them, inform them, and prompt further thought on their part, people will read these short plays as they would read a typical blog post.

The idea does rely on my audience knowing how to read a play–how to imagine the things they are reading actually happening in space and time. Perhaps the general public is not well enough trained to be able to do that. Or perhaps, as Brecht suspected, they can be trained over time.

All of this is to say that I hope you will read my internet plays as you would any other blog: for information, perspective, humor, and to prompt further thought.